Client testimonials​


The client testimonials below include the thoughts of translated authors, publishers or language services providers I have worked for and who can vouch for the quality of my services.

“As the Literary Director at La Découverte editions, I would like to stress the high quality of Alcime Steiger’s translations. Alcime distinguished himself through translations of texts as diverse and complex as A Social History of Truth by the great American sociologist Steven Shapin, and Cities under Siege, by British geographer Stephen Graham, published at the University of Chicago Press and Verso, respectively.

Both Bernard Lahire, (who was the first to welcome Alcime Steiger’s offer of a working partnership) and myself have been thrilled with this collaboration. It seems self-evident to us that his qualities as a translator will find their place at the service of demanding texts and editors.”

Rémy Toulouse, Literary Director at La Découverte

“You delivered excellent, powerful, precise work with terrific flow, which is crucial for this type of text.”

Rémy Toulouse on the translation of
Cities Under Siege

“Having collaborated with Alcime 16 times over eight years, we can say that accuracy and satisfaction are a given with him! Alcime is a true professional translator who uses modern tools to find and contextualise the document entrusted to him (sometimes to be checked and fine-tuned, but that is precisely the job of the publisher). In both substance and form, the historical and cultural aspect of our texts suits his method just as well as his responses and turnaround time suit our deadlines. Reliability and trust are part of our past and current relationship, and will be, of course, in the future!”

Nikola Jankovic, director and founder of Éditions B2.

“Dear Alcime, my congratulations! I find the translation quite exemplary; many thanks again for translating my text with such great sensitivity.”

Alan Forrest, historian, author of
de Au service de l’Empereur

“Delivered within deadline, Alcime’s work has proved to be careful, meticulous and conscientious. Considering with him the most problematic sentences and concepts of the text, I have always had the feeling of talking with a colleague; philosophical language is sometimes complicated, so that it is not always easy to find the right tone or the appropriate terms. Reviewing my work, once translated into French, I recognized its accuracy with certainty. Alcime Steiger is an excellent professional. ”

Rosa María Rodríguez Magda, philosopher, author of
La condition transmoderne.

“Alcime Steiger’s translation seemed extremely good to me. He fully grasped the content and chose very relevant turns of phrase, often lyrical (perhaps sometimes too elegant for my own personal taste). Yet despite the technical nature of the subject and the vocabulary I use, he was obviously careful to ensure the reader would understand (meaning he first made sure he understood the material himself, which is not something all translators do).”

Fabian Muniesa, sociologist at the CSI (CNRS)

​“We have worked regularly with Alcime for the past three years, and we highly recommend him. Alcime produces quality translations and always delivers on time. He’s also extremely adaptable: whether in terms of vocabulary, the software used and the urgency of the requests. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better partner!”

Émilie Pasquet, International Markets Manager at Guide to Iceland.

“Excellent translator, reliable and pleasure to work with, great communication! Will work with Alcime again for sure. Merci Alcime :)”

Project manager in Art One Translation
(Translation agency based in Canada)

“Thank you Alcime for delivering on time within a very tight timeframe. Quality work!”

Stuart Milne, director of The Language Room
(Translation agency based in Great-Britain)

“Perfect and to the point translation, done with feeling for the content. A great job. Will work with him again, no doubt.”

Charituy project initiator

“Very swift and attentive.”

William Pairman, translation-oriented professional

“My editor just informed that you passed the test with a A- grade, which is the highest score we had on this project yet.”

Oxo Translation (Canadian translators team)

“Alcime’s work is reliable and of very good quality. I would absolutely recommend working with him. “

Darius Gbedo, Antipodes (French translation agency)