Other translation work


Outside the publishing world, I often do other translation work for translation agencies and other private companies. This work allows me to showcase my skills in the fields of tourism, human resources, vocational training, education and social work.


Guide to IcelandWeb articles (culture, geology, landscapes, history, gastronomy, etc.) and sightseeing commercial offers, all related to Iceland, for the main tour operator of Iceland.

Translation -> 279908 words. English

Google Maps - Hotel Finder

Descriptions of hotels for one of the major French translation agencies (SDL France) to be uploaded on Google Maps – Hotel Finder & Google destination.

Translation -> 134270 words. Reviewing -> 122159 words. English

Media information content about Blenheim Palace in the UK.

Translation -> 5000 words. English

Health and Social Care / NGOs

“Together with children, for children: A guide for civil society organisations empowering children in CRC reporting” (UN), for NGO Child Rights Connect.

Translation, revision & proofreading -> 18000 words. English

Multiple documents (medical assessments, school reports, contacts minutes) of a family case for the Health and Social care Department of Rotherham (UK).

Translation -> 16000 words. Revision & proofreading -> 29000 words. English

“Promoting child rights to end child poverty” training course for NGO Plan International.

Translation -> 8982 words. English

Action-research project methodology for a child assistance NGO.

Revision & proofreading -> 4125. words. English

“Mandatory Standard Provisions for Non-U.S. Non-governmental Recipients” of USAID.

Translation -> 800 words. English

Human Resources & Professional Training

Transcript (produced by Global Lingo) of an investigation interview related to a bullying case in professional framework.

Translation -> 25000 words. English

Human Ressources courses for Harvard Business School and Harvard Business Review.

Translation -> 228826 words. English

Minutes of the HSBC European Works Council (EWC) meeting held in London in 2016.

Translation -> 20000 words. English

E-Learning courses about anti-fraud measures for Barclays bank.

Translation -> 13000 words. English

E-learning courses and glossaries about conflicts of interest, compliance standards, and sanctions for AXA Investment Managers.

Translation -> 33500 words. English

Code of conduct for BNP Paribas.

Translation -> 7000 words. English

Code of conduct for Lundbeck.

Translation -> 1700 words. English

Staff training material for KFC.

Translation -> 14500 words. English

Staff training material for Pizza Hut.

Translation -> 4500 words. English

Government & Law

Report of a geographer on behalf of the Republic of Costa Rica produced against Republic of Nicaragua for the International Court of Justice about the construction of a road along the San Juan river (border dispute case).

Translation-> 9157 words. English

Excerpt from an OECD report regarding compensation policies in the public sector.

Translation -> 9157 words. English

Contract for the Provision of Freight Searching, Searching of Persons, Escorting and Detention Services in Northern France, for the Home Office of the UK.

Translation -> 18363 words. English


Article by Tom Stammers about George Lefevre’s (historian) book: Quatre-vingt-neuf, (Editions sociales, Paris, 1989) regarding French revolution.

Translation-> 23157 words. English


My ability to adapt my writing style and my natural curiosity have also led me to translate very diverse content in subjects from the textile industry to religion and spirituality, smartphone applications, websites and software interfaces, among others.

Trade, marketing and advertising​

  • Network marketing
  • Environment
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Oil industry

NGO’s, health and social care​

  • Charity project
  • Disability

Information and communication technology

  • Software & hardware
  • Applications for smartphone

Economics and finance​

  • Bank


  • Websites
  • Information leaflets


  • Child psychology
  • Psychiatry
  • Dentistry

Religion & spirituality

  • Batch of articles related to Islam


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